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Arbitration in Personal Injury

A trial is not the only legal way to achieve recovery in injury cases. Sometimes we recommend arbitration. Arbitration is an alternative means to resolving disputes where both parties in a dispute agree to appoint a third party to review the case and impose a decision which is legally binding for both sides. There are many considerations involved, and often an arbitration does not go forward because parties cannot agreen on the struture of arbitration. Arbitration is a good alternative; while not officially a court setting, an arbitration forum can set a legally binding decision and force action on your case.

  • Here are some reasons we may arbitrate a case:
  • It is less expensive resulting in lower legal fees.
  • It is quick. Trials can drag out for years.
  • It is more relaxed, less crowds, less waiting.
  • It allows parties to have “high/low” agreements insuring the victim will not walk with nothing.
  • It provides greater predictability.
  • It allows the victim justice without having to go to court.
  • The rules of evidence are relaxed.
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