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Broadside (or T-Bone) Collisions

There are two types of car accidents that involve impacts to the side of a vehicle. A car involved in a side-impact collision – also known as a broadside accident – involves another vehicle crashing either head-first or rear-end into your car. When the crash resembles a “T” or a right-angle, this is more commonly known as a “T-bone” collision.  A sideswipe accident takes place when the vehicles are traveling in the same direction and one or both vehicles hit the side of the other car.

Broadside accidents most often occur at intersections when one of the drivers fails to stop at a stop sign or traffic light, or otherwise fails to yield the right-of-way to the other driver. T-bone collisions are more likely to lead to severe injuries to the drivers and passengers involved in the crash. Drivers and passengers may suffer from brain injuries, broken arms and legs, and spinal fractures.
Car crash accident on street

Broadside crashes can lead to more severe injuries

Typically automobile damages and occupant injuries tend to be more severe; however the severity depends on the part of the vehicle struck, safety features, the speed of the vehicles, and the vehicles weight.

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The right-of-way

The rules of the road applicable to broadside collisions start with every driver’s responsibility to stop for stop signs and to obey traffic control devices including traffic lights. If a vehicle has already entered an intersection, it has the right of way, and other traffic must yield to be safe. If two vehicles enter an intersection at the same time, the driver on the left must yield to the vehicle on the right.

Just because a driver has a green light does not mean the driver can drive through an intersection without due care. Every operator of a motor vehicle has a responsibility to do what he or she can to avoid an accident. A driver who carelessly drives into an intersection without looking for any dangers up ahead may be liable for causing an accident, even if he or she technically had a green light.

Left turn accidents

Some T-bone accidents are caused by a truck or car making a left turn in front of another vehicle. A driver making a left turn at an intersection has to yield to all oncoming traffic that is close enough to be a hazard.  It is illegal to turn before the maneuver can be made with reasonable safety.

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