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Mediation in Personal Injury Cases

Mediation is an informal confidential, non-adversarial negotiation process that is used to resolve differences or disputes that is conducted by an impartial party, a mediator, with the purpose of bringing about a mutually acceptable settlement. The purpose of the process of mediation is to help people communicate with one another, to understand each other and if possible to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone’s needs.

  • Mediation can protect your privacy.
  • Usually, bediation negotiations cannot be used in court.
  • When a settlement is reached, the victim usually gets a check within weeks.
  • In mediation, the parties involved make decisions, not a judge, jury, or arbitrater.
  • It is cheaper than a trial, which means lower attorney fees for the victim.
  • Avoids the risk of months or years in a trial.
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