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Uninsured Driver

Do you need an attorney because of an uninsured driver?

Texas drivers must show proof of insurance when their cars are registered or inspected, but some drivers may quickly cancel that coverage to save a few dollars.

If you are in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, you may need to sue the at-fault driver.   If you are in such a situation, call Machi & Associates, P.C. today.  Our experienced team of attorneys and staff are here to help.

Uninsured Driver Problem

Insured drivers pick up the cost for uninsured drivers. A large number of uninsured drivers drives up the cost of uninsured motorist coverage.  Uninsured drivers receiving citations for lack of insurance can be fined between $175 to $350 for a first offense. Repeat offenders can be fined $1,000 and face a 2 year license suspension.  But this is not stopping uninsured drivers from cheating the system and you.

Uninsured motorists buy insurance to get their registration and and inspection, then drop it immediately.  Sometimes when they appear in court, they will have fake insurance identification cards.

It is important to hire competent legal council before dealing with uninsured drivers.  Contact us today.


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